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Duplo NAN Supreme 2 hm0 + gift pajamas

Price €32.40

Duplo NAN SUPREME 2 (2 x 800 g) Infant formula specially developed to help strengthen the immune system of the baby from 6 months. It contains among other probiotics (L reuteri), OPTI-PRO and minerals and vitamins. * Offer valid until end of stock.

Systane drops fill lubricant 10ml

Price €12.30

Systane complete soothes, moisturizes and helps restore the tear film.Drops Systane lubricating provide Complete protection advanced against the ocular dryness.

Homoforte Duplo 2 x 15 capsules

Price €29.90

Homoforte returns the general welfare and also helps to keep the male vitality and vigor before.

Antioxidant Aquadren Duplo 2 x 500 Ml

Price €16.95

In only 3 weeks you will notice the Elimination of retained liquids

Silicium G5 Siliplant 1L

Price €26.90

Silicium g5 Siliplant is beneficial for joints, cartilage, the elasticity of the skin and hair and nail regeneration.

Seidivid Plus

Price €17.75

It is the dietary supplement for women in childbearing age who contributes to the success of fertilization through the reinforcement of the quality of the oocyte. It acts as a regulator of the reproductive capacity of women seeking to be MOM. 15 sachets


Price €8.80

Throat spray made with 100% natural essential oils and bio which soothe irritation.

PRANARÔM light legs and circulatory comfort Oléocaps 6 30 ch.

Price €7.20

Capsules made with 100% organic essential oils. It activates circulation and soothes the pain of legs by fatigue or hemorrhoids. It contains oils of niaouli, patchouli, mastic, Roman Sage and pine.

Nestle Nan 1 Expert Optipro 1 800 Grs (resubmission)

Price €16.52

Price from 13.90. It is a milk powder with all the nutritional elements necessary to contribute to the growth of the baby. Specially developed to strengthen the immune system of the baby since it contains probiotics, omega3 omega6, 13 vitam


Price €13.03

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: €12,50. For infants in good health since the first day, when it is necessary to supplement or replace breast milk. It reinforces the colonization of the intestinal flora in babies delivered by caesarean section.

Eucerin cream face neck and chest care 40 Ml

Price €5.30

Male and female cosmetic products. Revitalizes, prevents and reduces wrinkling and des accentuates the existing filling the marks of the aruga produced by the passage of time.

Blemil Plus 2 Forte 1200 g pack savings

Price €20.35

It is a formula that is different from the rest thanks to its innovative and advanced formula nutriexpert, which incorporates innovative ingredients internationally.


Price €11.76

PVP €10.25. Nidina 2 Premium is a follow-on milk for infants from 6 months, as a continuation of breastfeeding or milk from home.

Nestle Nan Optipro Supreme 2 800 grams

Price €17.57

Nan Supreme is a milk designed for babies from 6 months of age which, together with other foods, is part of a diversified for baby food.

Nestle Nan 2 Expert Optipro 800 Grs (resubmission)

Price €12.72

NAN OPTIPRO 2 HM-O is one follow-on milk for babies from 6 months that, along with other foods, it is part of diversified for baby food. This 2 milk helps to provide the nutrients needed for the development of the 6-month-old baby.

Nestle Nan Optipro Supreme 1 800 grams

Price €20.71

Infant formula from day 1, when it is necessary to supplement or replace breast milk